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Complete investigation and Counseling of Childless Couples

Couples are experiencing infertility complex issues in biological, psychological, social, and moral spaces. Conversation about these issues in a counseling setting is usually beneficial for patients.

Here at the clinic of Dr. Anuja Choudary Agrawal - we do counseling of childless couples by helping in understanding the medical reasons and explaining life objectives.

We have professionally qualified counselors who aim to explore, understand and resolve issues emerging from infertility and suggest the most suitable treatment. They suggest the methods of dealing with their issues efficiently.

Our counselors consider the patient's necessities and help them with the treatment process and eventually, assisting them while making any decision. With regards to infertility medical procedures, our counselors have differentiated the process into the following steps:

Information gathering and analysis

Under information gathering and analysis counseling, our counselors provide adequate data about the clinical parts of the therapy.
When couples approach us to get more information concerning infertility treatment's social and emotional effects, Our counselors assist them in gathering and sorting out all the information to be considered when deciding on treatment and parenting options.

Implications and decision-making counseling

Under Implications counseling, the counselor intends to empower the couple to understand the implication of the proposed course of action for them, their family, and the baby.
Counseling that revolves around information and suggestions helps the patient make choices about the most appropriate course of action.

Support counseling

A couple going through such difficult times needs emotional support. The treatment process can also cause periods of distress that might increase the need for supportive counseling. During such times our professionals are constantly available for the patients to listen to them. They will suggest possible solutions to maintain their emotional balance all the time.

Therapeutic counseling

In Therapeutic counseling, our counselors focus on:

• Reflection of individual issues and family history,
• The acceptance of the circumstances,
• The importance and effect of infertility, including handling grief,
• Work on self-concepts for the future,
• The improvement in adapting and reduction in emotional suffering,
• Tackling problem and conflicts, or potential
• Specific issues like sexual, marital, and other related issues.

With the help of all these counseling techniques, we are committed to making the motherhood journey easy and comfortable. You can contact our counselors at any point in time to get help.

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