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Embryo Cryporeservation

Embryo cryopreservation is the method of freezing and storing extra embryos. They are defrosted and utilized after some time. It is a significant process of IVF programs. To such an extent, that cryopreservation and IVF go hand in hand.

How does incipient organism cryopreservation work?

The process is following with In Vitro Fertilization, where numerous embryos are created with the assistance of certain fertility drugs like gonadotropin and Clomid before implantation to guarantee that there are sufficient at the time of transfer of usable embryos are available. The entire cycle includes a few steps including:

The healthy embryos are mixed in with a cryoprotectant that shields them from harm in the freezing cycle.
The mixture is set in a thin glass tube and put in a machine loaded up with liquid nitrogen at a very low temperature, around -196 degrees Celsius.

At the point when couples need those embryos, the tube is eliminated, and the embryo is defrosted.
Thus, the protective fluid is eliminated and then, the embryo is ready for the transfer process.
Infertility is perplexing in itself as countless things are there to be considered and a bunch of choices are needed to be made. Here are a few reasons where embryo cryopreservation could be thought of:

• It is a more secure and better option than getting your extra embryos destroyed.
• It is helpful for couples who need to augment the success of live birth
• For women who have a high risk of Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome
• For the individuals who need to go through any treatment. The woman can freeze the embryo before
she begins her therapy for cancer or any other medical problem which may lower or crash her odds of
getting pregnant.
• For couples who face trouble in fresh embryo transfer
• It can assist you with one more opportunity to conceive if the principal IVF process fails. The couple
won't need to select IVF anymore.
• In case a man and his partner want to have a second child at a later stage, they can store it and have
their second child later.
• The embryo can be utilized to help another person.

The success rate of pregnancy and live births with the help of frozen embryos at our clinic is very high. But it depends a lot on the factors like a woman's age, cause of infertility, and the number of embryos implanted. So visit our clinic to get more information regarding this process.

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