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I.V.F. - In-Vitro Fertilization

According to the doctors' survey, the causes of infertility in the previous decade have multiplied and climbed the pace of 20-25%. The reason for developing cases of infertility is initially the unhealthy lifestyle that people are living these days. It results in less sperm count in men and ovarian disease like poly-cystic ovarian syndrome in women. Also, this is viewed as the greatest impediment that keeps women from conceiving a child.

It is hard for couples who have been diagnosed with specific health issues due to which they can't conceive. But there are other ways through which you can bring your baby into this world. I.V.F. provides opportunities to childless couples who want to fill their lap with a child.

In vitro fertilization is a method for conceiving the baby when natural sexual intercourse is not fruitful. Maybe the woman isn't pretty much as fertile as she used to be and perhaps the man's sperm count is decreasing.

Either way, In Vitro fertilization, takes the egg and the sperm outside in a lab where our scientist can unite them in a substantially more successful manner. The sperm in the lab fertilize the egg. When this happens, the egg is planted into the woman's uterus. After nine months, she will be blessed with the baby.

The success rate of IVF depends on one case to another. Normally, the younger the woman is, the higher the odds are of conceiving since the uterus wall is more healthy to help the embryo and the egg is younger. Age plays a factor since the maturing cycle diminishes fertility in many ways. In vitro fertilization is, however, an appropriate option for those planning to have children, but are unable to conceive in normal manner.

It is a conception process that works best when the woman is either 35-45 years of age or facing any biological issue. In the same manner, the man's age and wellbeing have a vital influence if his sperm count is very low or incapable to successfully fertilize an egg.

In vitro fertilization is the best process for healthy couples who are facing problems conceiving. With the help of our competent staff and IVF specialist Dr. Anuja Choudhary Agrawal, you can expect a positive pregnancy in a most safe and transparent procedure.

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