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Pre-conception Genetic Counseling

Various circumstances may lead you to book a Genetic Counseling consultation.

• In case there has recently been a diagnosis of a known genetic condition in your family
• If you or your partner is affected by a genetic condition
• If your baby has a genetic condition
• If you had one or more miscarriages because of a genetic condition
• If you are planning your baby

In any of these situations, our Genetic Counselor can offer a meeting to talk about the risk of the genetic condition occurring again in the future, and assuming this is the case, what genetic tests can be done.

Genetic tests will be for healthy carrier status—for example, recessive genes, genes on the X-chromosome, or hereditary rearrangements of the chromosomes. When a carrier of one of these kinds of hereditary conditions is recognized, the immediate ramifications will be concerning having a healthy child, and our Genetic Counselor can give data concerning options to achieve this.

In certain circumstances, the individual conveying a genetic mutation could also be at the risk of health issues themselves. If so, our Genetic Counselor will be forwarding references to expert specialists to screen your future wellbeing.

Undiagnosed Complex medical issues that might be 'Genetic'.

On the off chance that you or your family has complex health conditions that are yet to diagnose, it would be advantageous for you if you get a full medical assessment from a 'Clinical Geneticist' (a specialist who represents considerable authority in Genetics).

Normal conditions with a hereditary danger

Various medical issues are common and have a genetic component that influences risk.

If you are trying to conceive and think there might be a health issue of you or your partner that could be genetic, you can fix a counseling session with our expert counselors and get yourself checked.

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