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Semen Cryporeservation

Numerous couples are facing the issue of infertility these days. As the infertility issue is perhaps the most common issue of young and middle-aged couples, specialists worldwide have invested immense efforts to discover a remedy for every possible infertility disorder. Sperm cryopreservation and Sperm donation are the treatment alternative available to infertile couples to achieve pregnancies with the help of third-party reproduction.
Semen cryopreservation, also known as sperm freezing or sperm banking, is a method to preserve sperm cells. In this process, human sperm is collected and stored to achieve pregnancies through third-party reproduction by artificial insemination. Sperm donated in this manner is known as donor sperm. Sperm cryopreservation is the freezing of these healthy sperm for later use in reproduction. The sperm given by the donor are inseminated into the female uterus to fertilize her eggs to conceive.
A man who needs to save sperm for the future can do so by consulting in our clinic. One can freeze sperm for a long time by putting them at -196°C in liquid nitrogen after adding cry protectants to keep the sperm from damage.

How are the Semen Donors Tested?

The most intensive testing standards accessible are utilized. Sperm bank gets Donor semen from men who are screened properly and have gone through a thorough medical examination, medical history, and broad testing to screen out any medical conditions. All benefactors are tested for HIV 1 and 2, Hepatitis B and C, and VDRL as per set up standards. Donors are tested for Thalassemia prior to entering the donor program.
Sperm freezing helps the female partner to proceed with her reproductive schedule. Human sperms are stored to use if they are required later in life to become a father. Sperm can be frozen as per your requirement for a long time. Sperm banking will build your opportunity of having the option to father a child using your sperm.
Our clinic provides the most exceptional hereditary and completely tested donor semen for infertile couples as well as freezing and storing services to patients wanting to have their own semen specimens saved for later. Prospective parents can pick the fitting physical qualities from the panel of donors to coordinate skin tone, stature, eye, and hair color. We additionally have collaboration with Cryos, the world's biggest global organization of sperm banks. You can visit us and get more knowledge about this process personally.

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