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Sonography and Pathology Facilities

Diagnosis is a vital part of any medical treatment. When a medical issue is recognized, then only a legitimate diagnosis can guarantee effective treatment. Our clinic is one such proficient and popular diagnostic center. We provide complete diagnostic modalities that are both radiological imaging and pathological testing.

Pathology is that piece of clinical analysis that tests and assesses the bodily fluids for any irregularities and deficiencies. When these tests are associated with radiological imaging, then a complete medical diagnosis is achieved. In light of these discoveries, the treating specialist can give the most appropriate effective treatment to the patient.

We provide realistic and complete diagnostic facilities and diagnoses. We are known to correlate pathological findings with radiology imaging. In case you are looking to get a blood test done, you can visit our clinic and get yourself checked.

Our diagnostic center is a pioneer in carrying elite Healthcare to individuals. The Personalized Health Check-Ups will suggest clinical tests to an individual based on derivation from an underlying intensive physical and clinical examination performed by our experienced and competent clinical team. We invest wholeheartedly in providing you the best and affordable Diagnostic Techniques.

Our clinic was set up with a dream to serve the requirement for holistic diagnostic services, which incorporate both Pathology tests and sonography. We offer a wide range of lab tests, radiology tests, including 4D sonography, color Doppler, Digital X-ray, Mammography, Fetal Echo, NT Scan, HSG, BMD Dexa Scan, ECG, Stress TMT, 2D Echo, and Corporate wellbeing registration bundles – all under one rooftop.

We are the most trusted Medical Diagnostic centers, known for our skills and expertise in medical services like assisting patients, understanding their wellbeing, and taking measures to improve it. We are a team of master radiologists, sonographers, pathologists, and specialists focused on offering excellent services.We utilize the latest technology and medical equipment to guarantee speedy and precise diagnostic outcomes.

Our diagnostic center has color Doppler Ultrasound, a special ultrasound that gives in-depth data on the medical diagnosis of the patient. Gynecologists utilize this ultrasound to assess the child's wellbeing inside the womb, as it examines the blood flow in the various parts of the baby's body like the cerebrum, heart, and so forth consequently this is a highly specialized ultrasound and, we have extremely experienced radiologists who can conduct this test. So if you want to get yourself diagnosed with any problem visit us.

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