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Use of the Vitrification Method (for cryopreservation of embryos)

Egg Cryopreservation provides a technique to preserve or extend fertility and is used by women for various reasons. Egg Vitrification is a method of freezing a woman's eggs during the procedure of Egg Cryopreservation. Egg Cryopreservation (oocyte cryopreservation) is the technology used to extract, freeze and store a woman's eggs.

The main reason why this technique is used is today is that everyone is busy in their career and working life. Since the biological clock is not going to wait for your plans, you can consider this process. If you are a working woman in your thirties and not planning to have your baby at present, this method can solve your problem. You can visit our clinic in Balaghat or Mumbai and get a complete check-up. After understanding the process, you can plan to freeze your eggs here. Later whenever you want to conceive, your frozen egg will be used.

You can also avail of this process in case of any serious health issues like cancer, early menopause, etc to protect your eggs from such ailments.

Our social structure is evolving. Women are becoming more pragmatic. They can't leave their careers because of family planning. Hence they choose to postpone their pregnancy. Other social deviations are also added to this.

Couples these days don't get married or commit to each other like earlier days, so again this means that pregnancy is being adjourned until later in life. So for various personal reasons, women and couples can preserve fertility and consider egg vitrification as a good opportunity.

With egg, vitrification the temperature gets diminished very rapidly, at around 23,000 degrees each moment, and this implies that the egg changes from a fluid state into a glassy state.

If you are thinking of delaying your pregnancy due to any reasons, do visit our clinic. We have efficient doctors and staff to take care of you and your eggs.

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